Let’s play with Agroforestry! #2

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Alice Cappucci asked 1 year ago
How does agroforestry increase the sustainability of olive orchards?

    1. Makes trees less vulnerable to diseases
    2. Makes trees more pest-resistant
    3. Alleviates climatic stresses
    4. All of the above

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Josep Duran answered 1 year ago

Alice Cappucci answered 1 year ago
Thank you for answering! Yes, the number 4 is the right one!

Lisa Rad answered 12 months ago
Agroforestry can also help increase biodiversity,  can’t it?

Milad El Riachy Staff answered 11 months ago
Agroforestry can also increase farmers income and decrease production cost!!

Peter Moubarak answered 11 months ago
It has also a positive impact on the environment. And much more 

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