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Funded by the European Union, the LIVINGAGRO project aims to share innovations related to agroforestry with stakeholders working with olives and grazed woodlands in Mediterranean countries, in order to help them increase profitability, sustainability, and biodiversity in the face of limited resources and environmental constraints.

LIVINGAGRO will tackle these issues using an open innovation approach, with two Living Laboratories enabling interactions among innovators and stakeholders. After conducting surveys and discussions to learn about stakeholders’ needs, the LIVINGAGRO team is presenting technological developments, practical research results, and other types of innovation to stakeholders who can benefit from them in both financial and environmental terms.

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Cross Border Living laboratories for Agroforestry

Thematic objective:

A.2 Support to education, research, technological development and innovation


A.2.1 Technological transfer and commercialisation of research results


Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Greece


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The identification and implementation of innovative value chains in agroforestry will create new opportunities for local communities in terms of sustainable farming practices and product diversification. In addition, food production stability will be improved over time, providing agricultural products of high quality while coping with limited resources and environmental constraints and generating increased farmers’ income. Finally, the project will lead to different innovations with high business potential in the fields of agricultural machinery, food products, omics techniques, and optimised uses of agricultural, forestry and breeding by-products and residues.

  • Farmers and their organisations, extension services
  • Consultancy firms, research centers, universities
  • Local authorities, public or private companies, SMEs, industry, policymakers
  • Users of the developed innovations


  • 2 cross-border living laboratories established for innovation and technological transfer in agroforestry
  • 4 research agreements between universities/research centers and the private sector
  • 8 enterprises cooperating with research institutions on innovation activities
  • 6 training courses on business creation
  • 10 new products/services developed in the agroforestry sector
  • 10 science to business brokerage events
  • 20 technology transfer and intellectual property brokering services
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