Field visits

Visits with stakeholders at farms, forests, companies, and labs

Project partners have been visiting stakeholders in olive groves, pastures, forests, gardens, and nurseries, and at laboratories, olive mills, and companies, to discuss their concerns and challenges, as well as field trials and proposed and applied innovations. Putting the living labs into action, researchers are talking with farmers, businesspeople, and policy makers about needs, problems, and potential solutions related to such innovations as virtual fencing, cover crops, intercropping, and new machinery.


Executive summaries

Multifunctional Olive Systems
Field visit 1 – South Lebanon | AR | ENG | News
Field visit 2 – Darbechtar Cooperative | AR | ENG | News
Field visit 3 –  South Lebanon | AR | ENG | News
Field vist 4 –  Kawkaba | AR | ENG
Field vist 5 –  Bchaaleh village | AR | ENG






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