Regional forest agency for the development of Sardinia's territory and environment

Territorial agency


viale Luigi Merello, 86 - 09123 Cagliari

+39 0702799217

FoReSTAS is a governmental forestry agency in Sardinia

FoReSTAS (lead beneficiary of LIVINGAGRO) is a governmental forestry agency focused on the sustainable management and development of the natural environment, and especially the forests, of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia. FoReSTAS is responsible for management, promotion, technical-administrative support, research and experimentation in the field of sustainable forest management.

Currently managing about 200,000 hectares of land throughout the island, FoReSTAS provides support for the Region of Sardinia in the areas of forest management, the multifunctionality of the forest, the protection of the forest and the rural landscape, and research and technology transfer.

The Directorate General of the agency is based in Cagliari. FoReSTAS also has offices throughout Sardinia, with each of its 7 Territorial Services and 26 Forest Districts dedicated to forest planning, management, and implementation of work in the forests, in close collaboration with communities and local authorities.

The agency’s mission includes the development and enhancement of the area’s heritage as it relates to forests and wildlife, as well as the recognition and dissemination of the natural, historic and cultural values of Sardinia. In the forestry sector, the goals are sustainable management of forests, the protection of Sardinian flora and fauna, environmental education, management of the trail network, forest firefighting and civil protection activities.

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