Let’s play with Agroforestry! #5

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Alice Cappucci asked 12 months ago
Which of the following is not an agroforestry system? 
     a) Silvoarable systems, with trees and crops grown on arable land. 
     b) Silvopastoral systems, with trees and pasture/animals grown on forest or arable land. 
     c) Agrosilvopastoral systems, with trees, crops and animals grazing on arable land. 
     d) Monoculture crop system, planting crops every year in plowed land

4 Answers
Albertp Mantino answered 12 months ago
Sicuramente la risposta D.
Ecco qui un link ad un podcast veramente interessante sull’agroforestazione:

Matteo Finocchi answered 12 months ago
Per me la risposta corretta è la d); una monocoltura non è un sistema agro-silvo-pastorale

Alice Cappucci answered 12 months ago
Thank you for answering! Yes, the D is the right one!

Lisa Rad answered 12 months ago
Right, I thought it was D. 

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