Let’s play with Agroforestry! #6

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Alice Cappucci asked 12 months ago
Agroforestry initiatives are typically restricted by 
     a) Bureaucracy 
     b) Land ownership 
     c) Lack of knowledge 
     d) Substantial waiting time to see benefits 
     e) All of the above 

4 Answers
Albertp Mantino answered 12 months ago
E… tutto quello che è in quella lista rappresenta un reale ostacolo allo sviluppo di pratiche Agroforestali! 
Interessante articolo pubblicato qualche anno fa su Agroforestry Systems:

Matteo Finocchi answered 12 months ago
Per me la risposta giusta è la e)

Alice Cappucci answered 12 months ago
Thank you for answering! Yes, the E is the right one!

Lisa Rad answered 12 months ago
Yes, I thought it was C. Too bad these obstacles exist,  since there are so many benefits to agroforestry!

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