Let’s play with Agroforestry! #7

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Alice Cappucci asked 12 months ago
Which is not a benefit of cover crops, which are used in agroforestry systems? 
     a) They require minimal management during growth 
     b) They help suppress weeds 
     c) They are a cash crop  
     d) They add more organic matter and nitrogen to the soil 

5 Answers
Alice Ripamonti answered 12 months ago
Per me potrebbe essere la c

Albertp Mantino answered 12 months ago
C ! “A cover crop is a plant that is used primarily to slow erosion, improve soil health, enhance water availability, smother weeds, help control pests and diseases, increase biodiversity and bring a host of other benefits to your farm”,other%20benefits%20to%20your%20farm.

Lisa Rad answered 12 months ago
I was going to say C, so it looks like I was right!

Alice Cappucci answered 12 months ago
Thank you for answering! Yes, the C is the right one!

Sara Maltoni Staff answered 11 months ago
A meno che non vengano pascolate dal bestiame. In tal caso non contribuiscono all’alimentazione e quindi al reddito dell’agricoltore? Grazie per un vostro parere

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