Let’s play with Agroforestry! #9

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Alice Cappucci asked 11 months ago
Which country is known to have some of the oldest olive trees in the world? 
     a) Spain 
     b) Tunisia 
     c) Lebanon
     d) Greece 

4 Answers
Sara Maltoni Staff answered 11 months ago
secondo me il Libano. Ho visitato oliveti millenari nel Sud del Libano quest’anno. Ma potrei sbagliare…

Milad El Riachy Staff answered 11 months ago

In Lebanon there are several very ancient olive trees such as in Bcheale in North Lebanon; Kawkaba, Al Mary, Deir Mimas and Kana in South Lebanon; and Chouf in Mount Lebanon. I invite you all to visit and see on-site these very nice olive trees, or just search on google to see them on your desktop and have more information (for example, search for “The sisters olive trees of Noah” to see the very ancient olive trees in Bcheale). But also in Greece, you may find very ancient olive trees such as the olive tree of Vouves (in the village of Ano Vouves in the municipal unit of Kolymvari in Chania regional Unit, Crete, Greece) that also you may find more information about it on Google.

Peter Moubarak answered 11 months ago
The olive trees mentioned by Milad are majestic. Something really to see. 

Alice Cappucci answered 11 months ago
Right! Lebanon is the country with the oldest olive trees in the world! Thank you for answering! 



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