B2B Event – Multifunctional Olive Systems


@ The Smallville Hotel, Badaro, Beirut

06:00 - 17:00 UTC

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B2B Event on Multifunctional Olive Systems

A B2B event on the olive and olive oil sector in Lebanon, including the presentation of the latest innovations to increase production and reduce costs

The Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute (LARI), within the Cross Border Living Laboratories for Agroforestry (LIVINGAGRO) Project funded by the European Union through the ENI CBC Med Programme and implemented in Italy, Lebanon, Greece and Jordan, organize a B2B event on the olive and olive oil sector in Lebanon with the aim of supporting education, research and development, innovation, technology transfer, and publishing and marketing research results. The event will be held on Thursday, July 21, 2022 at the Smallville Hotel, Badaro-Beirut.

The project aims to establish two cross-border living laboratories, and to enhance cooperation between research institutions, farmers and their associations, industries, the private sector and all users in general. The project focuses mainly on agroforestry, taking into consideration multifunctional olive growing systems (Living Lab 1) and grazed woodlands (Living Lab 2).

During this event, a list of available innovations will be presented, and ways to implement them in olive orchards and in the olive and olive oil sector will be discussed.

The event also aims to highlight the latest scientific research related to multifunctional olive systems that contributes to the development of the sector, and to encourage cooperatives and agricultural institutions to adopt new agricultural practices and cooperate with each other.

This event will help set up the necessary bases to start implementing state-of-the-art innovations by providing the opportunity to invest in business and opening new horizons for associations among research centers, agricultural policy makers and other interested stakeholders in agriculture and food production.

The participation of stakeholders in this workshop can lead to wide-ranging cooperation and thus can help impel the olive and olive oil sector in Lebanon toward a different level based on reducing production costs, improving quality and increasing financial returns.


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