Best management practices to produce plants free of Phytophthora in nursery for forest restoration projects


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Numerous studies around the globe have identified nurseries as major source of plant pathogens that may be released in the wild, with significant consequences for the health and integrity of natural and forest ecosystems. Species in the oomycete genus Phytophthora are well known pathogens causing damaging diseases on forest trees and agricultural crops worldwide. Once introduced the eradication of these pathogens is difficult if not impossible, therefore preventing their introduction by using pathogen-free plant stock is the most cost-effective approach. In this workshop an example of best management practices to produce plants free of Phytophthora in forest nurseries to address the need of clean planting stock for restoration projects will be presented. The pilot trials were carried out in a public nursery managed by the FoReSTAS Agency, under the coordination of the AGRIS Agency and the University of Sassari.

Target audience

Enterprises, land and forest owners, foresters; technicians and operators of the nurseries in the Mediterranean environment; researchers in the filed of plant pathology, botany, agro-ecology, forestry; students and communities interested in restoration and agroforestry; schools and community associations

Agenda (CET)

10:00 (CET) Welcome and brief presentation of the LIVINGAGRO project
Sara Maltoni (LIVINGAGRO Project manager Forestas, Italy)
10:10 (CET) Monitoring of Phytophthora species in forest nurseries and identification of the main paths of contamination 

Bruno Scanu (Department of Agricultural Sciences, University of Sassari, Italy)

Q&A by the audience

10:30 (CET) A new protocol to produce plants free of Phytophthora in a forest nursery

Salvatore Seddaiu (Agris Agency, Italy)

Q&A by the audience

10:50 (CET) An overview of the forest nurseries managed by FoReSTAS in Sardinia for restoration purposes

Alberto Masci (FoReSTAS Agency, Italy)

Q&A by the audience

11:10 (CET) Phytophthora species inadvertently introduced in California through restoration projects, implications and control strategies

Matteo Garbelotto (University of California, Berkeley, USA)

Q&A by the audience

11:30 (CET)


11:50 (CET)


Open discussion between speaker and participants


Closing Remarks

Sara Maltoni (LIVINGAGRO Project manager Forestas, Italy)



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Sara Maltoni, LIVINGAGRO coordinator and Project manager Forestas, Italy

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Fo.Re.S.T.A.S. (Capofila progetto LIVINGAGRO)
Viale Luigi Merello, 86 • 09123 Cagliari
Tel. +39 070 279
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Bruno Scanu
Pasquale Arca

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