Sustainable management of Agroforestry systems: opportunities and perspectives for PEFC certification


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Sustainable management of an agroforestry system certification scheme, the PEFC Italia example

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Forest certification is a voluntary, market-based instrument, implemented through two separate but linked processes: Sustainable Management certification and Chain of Custody certification (Traceability). PEFC has realized a specific certification scheme for Agroforestry and its products. The application field of the Agroforestry PEFC standard is the tree component of an agroforestry system and the elements connected to it. In this workshop we will consider the potential of this instrument, and the procedures and process for the certification of agroforestry systems in their own country.

Target audience

Accreditation or certification Bodies, consultants and professionals in agroforestry sectors, agroforestry companies, policy makers in agricultural and forestry sectors.

Agenda in CET time (please check the time in your own country)

15.00 (CET) Welcome and brief presentation of the LIVINGAGRO project
Sara Maltoni (LIVINGAGRO Project manager FoReSTAS, Italy)
15.10 (CET) Certification as a market and policy innovation instrument in forestry, plantations, urban green areas and agrofrestry sectors – PEFC International and PEFC Italy: who we are and what we do.
Antonio Brunori (PEFC Italia Secretary general, Italy)
16.00 (CET) PEFC Italy and agroforestry projects involved in certification
Francesco Marini (PEFC Italy – Sustainable Forest Managamente office, Italy)
16.15 (CET) #Eyesonearth contest: New contest promotes forest innovations in the Southern Mediterranean
Antonio Brunori (PEFC Italia Secretary general, Italy)
16.30 (CET) Q&A, Open discussion between speaker and participants
16.55 (CET) Closing Remarks
Sara Maltoni (LIVINGAGRO Project manager Forestas,Italy)

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FoReSTAS Agency (Sardinia)
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