Woodmeadow Trust Conference – Trees, flowers and food


@ University of York, United Kingdom

12:00 - UTC
Hosted by:
Woodmeadow Trust
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Multifunctionality of woodmeadows and wooded grasslands.

Over the course of this action-packed one and a half day conference we will be exploring the value of woodmeadows and wood pastures for people, nature and climate. Having lost many of our wooded grasslands over the past century, silvopasture is experiencing a resurgence in interest from farmers, ecologists and climate conscious policymakers.

Nature recovery, carbon sequestration and food production are often perceived as competing land use priorities, but ‘multifunctionality’ should be at the forefront of our minds as we consider how our landscapes need to change to adapt to a changing climate. We will be bringing together a mixture of practice, policy and conservation experts from the farming, wildlife and forestry sectors, all of whom believe that wooded grasslands and other habitat mosaics have an important role to play in our quest for multifunctional landscapes, replete with natural capital.

Speakers confirmed at this point include: George Peterken, Keith Kirby, Aveliina Helm, Nigel Pilling, Sam Arthur, Matt Heard and Jeremy Dagley.

The conference will take place across two days with Day 1 hosted at Three Hagges Woodmeadow, 10 miles south of York, and Day 2 held at the National STEM Learning Centre in York.

Day 1 will begin at the National STEM Learning Centre in York at 12 noon with lunch and include site visits (on coaches) during the afternoon and a conference dinner in the evening at 7.30pm.

Day 2 will take place at the National STEM Learning Centre in York from 9.00am to 4.30pm.

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