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Online, June 21th 2023

Dissemination workshop on NARC demonstration on cover crops and forest restoration

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Amman, March 14th, 2023

Second B2B event in Jordan on Multifunctional Olive Systems


Lectures of the speakers

Agroforestry as a Tool for the Development of Tourism and Environmental AgricultureLecture by Dr Youssef Bader

Using innovative legume-based mixtures as cover crop in olive multifunctional systemsLecture by Dr. Claudio Porqueddu

The innovative gaiasense by NEUROPUBLIC smart farming system in the olive sector: The example of LIFE GAIA Sense projectLecture by Dr. Georgios Koubouris [soon]

Complete mitochondrial genome sequence of historical olive (Olea europaea subsp. europaea) cultivar Mehras in JordanLecture by Dr. Muhammad Brake

Coupling Olive, Poultry and Wild Asparagus in Multifunctional Olive SystemsLecture by Dr. Rosati Adolfo

Networking: Women Inclusion of Olive Sector in Rural AreasLecture by Dr. Sanaa Hinnawi

The innovative gaiasense by NEUROPUBLIC smart farming system in the olive sector: The example of LIFE GAIA Sense projectLecture by Dr. Vasilis Pyrgiotis


Beirut, February 16th, 2023

Third B2B event on Multifunctional Olive Systems in Beirut – Lebanon

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Assessment of green manure and cover crop effects on soil characteristics and olive orchard productivity in South Lebanon Presentation by Abdel Kader

Grazing in olive groves: The benefits of olive leaves for feeding sheep by Andrea Pisanelli – Institute of Research on Terrestrial Ecosystems, National Research Council, Italy Presentation by Andrea Pisanelli

Promoting and marketing agroforestry systems through, the PEFC Agroforestry certification scheme by Antonio Brunori – PEFC Italy (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), Perugia, ItalyPresentation by Antonio Brunori

Using innovative legume-based mixtures as cover crop in olive multifunctional systems Presentation by Claudio Porqueddu

Exploiting the potential of local olive genetic resources to face the future climatic challenges and develop new olive growing strategies based on agro-forestry approachesPresentation by Luciana Baldoni

3rd B2B event (LL1) in Lebanon: Agroforestry for Multifunctional olive systems Time Domain – Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (TD-NMR) as a useful tool for the determination of oil content in olive paste Dr. Milad El Riachy Beirut, February 16th, 2023Presentation by of Milad El Riachy

OLIVE PREDICTOR by Prokopios MagiatisPresentation by Prokopios Magiatis

Location Aware e-Services The olive fly case paradigm Presentation by Theodore Tsiligkiridis


Amman, December 13rd, 2022

B2B Event – Brokerage event to foster innovation in Multifunctional Olive Systems



Beirut, November 15th, 2022

Second B2B event on Multifunctional Olive Systems


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Beirut, July 21st, 2022

First Brokerage event on Multifunctional Olive Systems in Lebanon


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Executive summaries

Cooperation agreement between LARI & ESIAMENARNews

Cooperation agreement between LARI, the Lebanese International Univeristy and Al Manara Dairy ENARNews

Cooperation agreement between LARI and PolychemENAR

Field visit 1 – South LebanonARENNews

Field visit 2 – Koura – North LebanonARENNews

Field visit 3 – South LebanonARENNews



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