Second B2B event in Jordan on Grazed Woodlands


@ Regency Palace Amman| Queen Aliaa Street - Amman, Jordan

06:00 - 13:30 UTC

Local time: 9:00 - 16:30 EEST

Hosted by:
National Agricultural Research Center (NARC)
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Second B2B event in Jordan on Grazed Woodlands organized by Narc

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The National Agricultural Research Center (NARC), the Regional Forest Agency for Land and Environment of Sardinia (Fo.Re.S.T.A.S.) and the whole LIVINGAGRO Consortium are pleased to announce the organization of the Second B2B event in Jordan on Grazed Woodlands in Amman – Jordan.

The B2B Event offers a singular opportunity to draw attention to the expanding socioeconomic significance of agroforestry in grazed woodlands, share cutting-edge technology, kick off cross-border collaborations, and identify new business partners for nations in the Mediterranean region. Economic stakeholders, decision-makers, and research stakeholders involved in agroforestry are invited to the event.

The initiative is a great opportunity for stakeholders to learn about new advancements in the industry and for innovators to share their most recent agroforestry-related research and trial efforts. The event will emphasize the most practical high-tech solutions to maximize profitability, sustainability, and biodiversity while taking into account limited resources and environmental constraints. It will also identify the challenges that economic stakeholders and operators of the grazed woodlands sector are facing.

The event will feature a distinguished panel of speakers, an open discussion moderated by a facilitator, and the chance for participants to request one-on-one business meetings with innovators and LIVINGAGRO Consortium representatives to ask questions, get clarifications, and suggest holding more in-depth discussions with experts.

Who is it addressed to?

The B2B event is aimed at a wide range of stakeholders, including:

  • Universities and Research Centers

  • Local governments and government agencies

  • Farmers, Cooperatives, and Associations

  • Consultants and private companies

Why participate?

  • Meet providers of innovative technologies and discover how these can improve agroforestry businesses

  • Enter into contact with potential partners for future cooperation

  • Establish cross-border contacts for long-term business relationships

  • Find new partners for research projects

How to participate?

To attend the event, in presence or online, you must first register using the online form on this page. Please keep in mind that due to limited space for the in-presence participation, we encourage you to complete and submit the form by March 10th, 2023. You will be contacted via email to confirm your attendance.

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