Silvopastoral Systems: From Ancient Fairies to Modern Challenges and Uses


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09:00 - 10:30 UTC

Local time: 12:00-13:30 Eastern European Summer Time (UTC +3)

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MAICh and Agricultural University of Athens
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Dr. Anastasia Pantera

Agroforestry benefits, innovations, and useful procedures in grazed woodlands

Technology Dissemination Workshop



Focusing on practical issues, this workshop will discuss the way a traditional system of land use combines certain grazing animals with trees, how this can be advantageous, and what time-tested and innovative techniques can be helpful (such as tree planting, protection of saplings, pollarding and pruning, and sowing grass and legumes).


Brief introduction to the LIVINGAGRO project
The workshop will focus on these questions:

  1. Silvopastoral use since…?
  2. What combines with what?
  3. How to turn disadvantages to advantages?
  4. What to take into account for future challenges?

Q&A, Open discussion between speaker and participants.

About the speaker

Dr. Anastasia Pantera is a professor and researcher in the Department of Forestry and Natural Environment Management at the Agricultural University of Athens in Karpenissi, Greece. Dr. Pantera is an executive committee member of the Hellenic Agroforestry Network and the European Agroforestry Federation (EURAF). She has a doctorate in Agroforestry from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, and an MSc in Forest Ecology and Biology from Purdue University, USA. Dr. Pantera has organised many stakeholder group meetings on agroforestry throughout Greece. She has coordinated and/or participated in research projects on agroforestry (mostly silvopastoral), forest ecology, ecology and vegetation, environmental education, long-distance learning, and MSc programs. She has taught courses on agroforestry, forest soils, forest ecology, and forest vegetation and published more than 130 articles. An editor of two international scientific journals and a reviewer for many others, Dr. Pantera is the coordinator in Greece for the LIVINGAGRO project’s Living Lab 2 on Agroforestry for Grazed Woodlands.

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Lisa Radinovsky;
Anastasia Pantera

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